weimaraner dogs pictures - Bull mastiff

Tags: dog breed chart , jack russell terrier , dog days play care , maltese images

Added: 9 JULY 2006

Location: Killeen, Texas

Gear: Nikon Corporation E900                             

by Markus JANUS

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Dog clothes - dog care training

Tags: dog photography , nc dog breeders , puppy 3d , Halloween dog pictures

Added: 9 JANUARY 2006

Location:  Norfolk Island – Territory of Norfolk Island (Australian overseas territory)

Gear: Nikon Corporation NIKON D1X                        

by Pamela OYOLA

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beagle dog pictures - dogs photos

Tags: dog obedience tips , movie dog names , muzzle for small dogs , small toy dogs

Added: 27 AUGUST 2008

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Gear: Olympus E-1                              


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the dog pictures - Alpha dog

Tags: dog hair care , mastiff dogs pictures , dog breeders , Pit bull puppies for sale

Added: 20 APRIL 2006

Location: Jarvis Island 

Gear: Nikon Corporation E775                             

by Joanna DUCA

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Pictures of small dog breeds - american eskimo dog information

Tags: pekingese picture , terrier photograph , Smallest dog in the world pictures , australian shepherd dog picture

Added: 12 DECEMBER 2006

Location: Croatia 

Gear:  PENTAX Optio 750Z                

by Moshe ELSASS

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Schnauzer dog breed photos - bull dog puppies

Tags: dog pictures and info , newfoundland dog pictures , akc breeders , dog training review

Added: 26 SEPTEMBER 2006

Location:  Tuvalu

Gear:  PENTAX *ist DS                   


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hound dog breed information - puppy pennsylvania

Tags: heartworm photos , puppy names , Mix breed dog , collie pictures

Added: 4 JUNE 2006

Location: El Monte, California

Gear:  Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II            

by Shelby KURT

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